Paul Bond Illustration and Fine Art

Paul Bond Illustration and Fine Art
soft n' sexy, smooth n' smokey
airbrush acrylic portraits
and fine art

by Paul Bond


Artist Biography

Paul Bond
When Paul was a young boy, a college professor friend of his parents' pointed out that Paul was drawing with the proper use of perspective, and that he had a talent that should be cultivated. That was before he entered kindergarten.

Throughout Paul's life, he drew pictures of whatever he was interested in . . . trains, boats, airplanes, in whatever order the sources of fascination evolved. Well, guess what subject eventually became really interesting! By the time Paul was in college, he was earning at least a little beer and fun money selling pinup drawings to his fraternity brothers, fellow students, and even a small commercial client that made what they claimed were the best padding inserts for brassieres a woman could use! The seed had been planted!

Upon leaving the University of Illinois, Paul felt a commitment to follow his degree and take on an industrial (product) design job. While in this job, Paul started learning skills he would later make relavant to his art career.

Within a very few years, Paul decided he would much prefer full time freelance illustration, and soon was focused on nothing but commercial work. Working with clients including United Airlines, J. M. Smucker, Kleenex, Florsheim, Iams pet Foods, Paul earned a good living and even a few awards. Long story short, the computer, stock imagery, and many other factors brought about the demise of that business as Paul knew it. Along the way, he developed and manufactured the very airbrushes he used to create the incredibly natural looking illistrations of products sought after by his clients. That is how the industrial design experience paid off.

So, now it is time for Paul to bring out the airbrush, re-kindle a long standing interest in pinup and glamour art, and create the Softn'SexiestSmoothn'Smokiest portraiture and fine art you will ever see!

For copies and pricing of the art pieces shown here, and new project requests, please contact the artist.


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